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this fluid world delivers business innovation through learning & development and strategic consulting, enabling companies to capitalise on the constant changes in the business environment





client list

major brands around the world have chosen this fluid world as their strategic partners. they have told us that the reason for choosing us is our broad and deep understanding of business, our agnostic approach, track record and personality. below is a list of clients we have had the pleasure of assisting recently

this fluid world client list

who we are

this fluid world was founded in 2009 by liri andersson and jonathan macdonald to assist organisations in capitalising on opportunities and addressing the challenges their business face due to fundamental shifts in the business environment

the proprietary tools, models and methodologies used by this fluid world are developed by the founders and are based on their extensive experience, in addition to their broad understanding of what drives success in today’s business world

click below to find out about the co-founders:

  • Liri-Andersson-Hi-Res-Colour1-300x270
    - 17 years experience in marketing services across nations, industries, brands, disciplines and channels
    - MBA and a B.A. (Hons) International Marketing
    - built world service office of Research International (WPP) 1995 to 1997
    - defined direction of global team at Cisco responsible for internet business solutions for key clients 1998 to 2000
    - shaped in-store retail proposition for WPP 2003
    - contributed to defining strategic direction of media planning in retail at Mindshare 2005
    - identified and managed projects to future-proof Ogilvy 2007 to 2008
    - consulted Yahoo! (US) on online display advertising strategy 2009
    - senior strategist on key account at MediaCom and responsible for developing understanding of business methodology for planning department 2010
    - active blogger at http://www.liriandersson.com on business and marketing, also tweeting at @liriandersson

    Liri Andersson’s experience spreads across nations, industries, brands, business problems, and disciplines. Her contribution in the area of strategy, innovation, marketing and organisational management is a testament to the breadth of her experience, talent and energy.

    Liri was born in Albania to Swiss and French parents, grew up in Sweden, studied in Ireland and Spain, before working in Belgium, the Netherlands, France, the US, and now London. With a ’round-the-world-ticket’ upbringing, four fluent languages under her belt, and an intuitive understanding of cultures and people, she was destined to work in international business.

    Liri is experienced in a broad range of industries where her work has proven invaluable to the many global brands she has worked with over the past 17 years, including: IKEA, Bacardi, General Mills, Cisco, Yahoo!, Nestlé, Levi’s, WPP, Ogilvy, and MediaCom. The positive impact she has had on the business of these brands show an unparalleled understanding of a global and challenging business environment, the increasingly demanding needs and changing behaviours of customers, and the mechanics of large and complex organisations.

    Liri’s 360° thinking and experience, in addition to her unique ability to merge solid strategic planning with effective operational execution, means she brings an entirely innovative perspective and fresh solutions to the challenges she faces when charged to enable commercial success through the creation of clear and relevant visions, compelling business strategies and powerful organisations.

    In 2009 Liri co-founded this fluid world, a business innovation unit that enables organisations to exploit new opportunities for commercial growth through strategy innovation, marketing innovation and management innovation. this fluid world has gained an impressive track record and has the good fortune of being the trusted advisor, at a senior level, of many global brands.

    Liri holds an MBA specialising in Strategy and Management, and a BA in Marketing. She is a guest lecturer at INSEAD’S prestigious executive business programme, as well as other major universities.

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  • Jonathan MacDonald

    Jonathan expands thought around the potential of technology, the shaping of society and the realities of business, all of which are constantly influenced by fast-paced, relentless change. This thought expansion inspires a deeper understanding of real-life challenges and opportunities, enables people to utilise that knowledge to explore what the future could look like, and unlocks unique insights for any audience that would benefit from a better mindset and more effective tools to maximise their potential.

    Through all of his work, Jonathan enables people and organisations to modify their approach from one-off change management to the management of perpetual change. His exceptional perception is often the catalyst that a business needs to grow because of change, helping them to shape the future of the market and open up new revenue opportunities.

    Over the last decade, he has spoken at leading industry conferences and events, to audiences from the largest companies around the globe and on numerous other platforms, landing these business-critical messages through his impactful delivery style and highly engaging personal charisma.

    As one of the first people in the country to study behavioural economics and then practically apply that knowledge to several multi-million pound business successes, Jonathan is ideally placed to open up the minds and the thinking of a diverse range of people; facilitating strategic discussion and dialogue with the most senior level executives, or inspiring an entire workforce to embrace new opportunities for a brighter future.

    He is widely recognised as a significant contributor to the most cutting edge thought-leadership platforms including Google’s Think Insights and has a massive online following. Some of his influential opinions have been captured in his recently published book, ‘Business Poison: diagnosing and treating the infectious poisons that determine your business success’ http://jonathanmacdonald.com/books. He also runs the Thought Expansion Network (TEN), which offers cutting edge insight and expert opinion via video content, online masterclasses and live events http://jonathanmacdonald.com/ten.

    Jonathan consistently receives the highest feedback of any speaker on the circuit and leaves a lasting impact on every audience who has the pleasure of hearing him, which translates into tangible, bottom-line business benefit.

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  • we spend a lot of time observing, understanding and developing opinions on what is happening in the external business environment. here’s a sample of our thoughts:

    cutting through the noise: branding in a digital world

    brand democratisation white paper – an analysis of the socialisation of brands

    an alternative scenario to the BP oil crisis – benefitting from transparency and collaboration

    a survival guide in a new communications and business world

    the opportunities within big data

    21st century macro trends

    the communication ideal (Jonathan MacDonald’s 2nd published book)

    an overview of the BP oil crisis from a comms perspective

what we do

  • due to the constant changes in the business environment, organisations must innovate to capitalise on the emerging opportunities and this is what we deliver at this fluid world

    we believe there are two areas that urgently require business innovation

    1. how business is done within an organisation – for example: reading of the external environment and creation of strategies through to organisational management

    2. how business is done in public – for example: development and delivery of products and services through to the establishment of frameworks and protocols for communication

    we powerfully deliver this in two ways

    1. learning & development – enabling clarity and understanding of what is going on and how it impacts all parts of business, allowing powerful and efficient decision making

    2. strategic consulting – enabling the development of relevant strategies that will resonate in a modern marketplace for commercial benefit

    click the learning & development and strategic consulting tabs for more details

    you can access this entire ‘what we do’ section as a PDF, including testimonials and information about the founders, by clicking on this link: http://tinyurl.com/overviewofthisfluidworld

  • our work in the area of learning & development has the objective of building powerful brands and achieving commercial results

    we have a track record in creating ground-breaking immersion sessions and strategic programmes aimed at fuelling an organisation’s workforce with a deep and relevant understanding of the new business world, empowering them to make powerful decisions around, among other things:

    - strategic direction
    - budget allocation
    - investment
    - forecasting
    - partnerships
    - deployment of technology
    - hiring & training

    the focus of the programmes is on integrating knowledge, new techniques, skills, confidence and energy into a work force with the purpose of accelerating a different way of thinking, and working, ensuring real impact on an organisation’s business and its bottom line

    to ensure optimal results we bring our expertise and wide experience in business, marketing, communications, and development of educational programmes to the creation and delivery of each programme

  • our strategic consulting has the objective of achieving superior performance and identifying new sources of revenue and growth in a changing business environment

    we add value to an organisation’s strategic process in many ways, of which some are:

    think tank: the generation of ideas for developing business solutions, solving business problems, or capitalising on business opportunities in a powerful way

    stress testing: the testing of ideas, concepts and strategies to ensure relevance and suitability to today’s and tomorrow’s business world

    strategy development: the creation of strategies and solutions that ensure a competitive advantage, relevance and commercial success. areas of engagement tend to be around ensuring powerful purposes, products, processes, people, marketing, and business growth

    organisational enablement: the creation of enabling structures to deliver on a company’s strategic requirements, ensuring successful deployment

    the focus of our strategic consulting work is on close cooperation with our clients and the advice given is not just transferred from us, but is created during a process of active collaboration. this approach has proven to spread understanding and accountability throughout the organisation, facilitating action, results, and long-term effect

    to ensure optimal results we bring our expertise and wide experience in business, marketing, and communications across industries, brands and business problems to each strategic consulting project

  • as a business consultancy with a commercial or performance enhancing objective our work is only as good as the results we show. we are extremely proud of the work we have done for some of the most powerful brands in the world. see below for a selection of written testimonials

    Thanks a million, you did a terrific job. The office was buzzing, your impact was awesome” Sharon MacLeod, VP Marketing, Unilever

    We’ve seen a lot of thought leaders and coaches on how technology has changed consumer behavior & expectations from companies & brands. However, until we met this fluid world we had not seen a partner that could help us figure out the HOW. this fluid world can help you understand WHAT is needed and have the expertise on HOW to do itBrad Hiranaga, Senior Marketing Manager, General Mills

    this fluid world moved us away from developing just a digital strategy for heineken and helped us shape the way we plan to build the premium credentials of the brand going forwardBruce Reinders, UK Brands Director, Heineken

    this fluid world have an outstanding capacity to take teams into a “bubble of clarity” where short-term views and assumptions are left outside. They unleash creativity combined with a sense of execution, which is easy to say but much more difficult to achieve. The best consulting money I’ve ever spentThomas Labarthe VP Mobile Commerce, Alcatel Lucent

    this fluid world were good fun to work with, delivered genuinely actionable outputs, and took us to a different place, in addition to making us think differently about a problem, which is exactly what you want from a consultantGlen Wilson, MD, Posterscope

    I would definitely recommend this fluid world if you need to turn an idea into a solid business model. It’s consultancy at its bestHans Veldhorst, Digital & Marketing Director, Ogilvy

    We contracted this fluid world to create a social communications strategy for the launch of one of our new technological solutions. They showed a deep level of understanding of the social media landscape and their strategic guidance was outstanding. This resulted in a robust and effective communications initiative that we have incorporated globally with great successLuc Devisscher, European Head of PR & Marketing Communication, Nokia Siemens Networks

    this fluid world offers a fantastic mix of trends/facts/truths and thoughts to better understand what is going on in the world right now. Beyond understanding they excellently triggered the thinking about how to capitalize on this. The way they opened our minds and hearts was truly unique and unrivalled so far. What they present, and how they present it is just outstanding. They fully reached and touched our colleagues! Since the presentation at least 20 people mentioned how impressed and inspired they felt during, and right after the presentation. They have asked to keep the spirit alive. They are eager to form integrated teams to work on projects that really matter in “this fluid world”. So this fluid world is a place we simply love to think of to remind us of what is possible, and why this is the perfect time to live and workThilo Ritz, Head of Planning, DDB Tribal Berlin

    We got an enormous amount out of the collaboration. In essence we scotched out the details of the next 12 months, were the flaws and strengths were, what we should be ignoring, and where we are going. It created clarity and allowed us to focus our efforts. I absolutely feel it was money well spent, and I would recommend this fluid world to anyone elseLawrence Royston, the Managing Director of Groupcall

    I trust them, and when you bring in clients who are spending money you have to trust that you will be getting a good outcome. That is what this fluid world does, they allow you to come up with lots of ideas that clients can act on immediately, and ideas that can go into development. At the end of the day clients are super happy!Nicole Yershon, Head of Innovation, Ogilvy Group UK

    We were constantly challenged to turn our traditional views up-side down, while giving us tools to facilitate the necessary change. The sessions were brilliantly facilitated; we were pushed to look at our business, business in general and the world from a different perspective. They were successful in getting 8 different personalities to agree on a vision, which we felt excited about, and one that is also true to the organisation. Much of the thinking that came out of the work we did together will form part of a new marketing campaignPaul Salador, Group Finance Director Clinton Cards Plc

  • we have been lucky to work with some incredible organisations over the years. to help you get to know us better we have created an overview of reasons why our clients choose to work with us

    1. we work with a selective number of clients

    our choice to collaborate with only a small number of companies each year, and to work with people we believe in

    2. we achieve results

    our size means we trade principally on our reputation and word of mouth, hence the only outcome we accept is absolute happiness and satisfaction from our clients

    3. we understand the external business environment

    our world-class ability to understand and decode what is happening in the external business environment for internal decision making and productive action, in addition to our knowledge of trends in advance of the news, enabling our clients to be one step ahead of the game at all times

    4. we understand the digital environment

    our true strategic understanding of digital, not just as a channel, but of the role it plays in achieving strategic business objectives

    5. we view the world agnostically

    our ability to think agnostically as we operate independently to execution

    6. we understand organisations across the value chain

    our understanding of organisations cross-functionally, ensuring the creation of strategies that have a positive impact across the value chain

    7. we have proven processes

    our powerful processes that have taken organisations from an initial objective through to profitable growth

    8. we are a pleasure to work with

    our clients consistently tell us that they find us easy, trustworthy and enjoyable to work with due to a combination of the above factors, and our hard-working, energetic and enthusiastic personalities(!) here’s a video of a recent client sharing her experience of working with us:

  • how to you charge fees?

    we charge using a self-created algorithm called ‘vCost’ which is determined by a combination of the likely value of a project’s outcome and the related costs in creating that value. we quote on a project-by-project basis rather than an hourly fee

    how many people do you employ?

    none. we are painfully unscalable, by design. this has various advantages for our clients, mainly that every single project involves our combined thinking, totally committed and undiluted

    how much availability do you have?

    we choose to work with about 6-8 clients a year of various sizes. a project can last between one week and several months. in any initial conversation we are always very clear about our availability and none of our clients have been disappointed

    how do you win business?

    we rarely pitch for business as we’re fortunate enough to get approached via personal recommendations by an existing or past client. also, as we frequently speak at events, people experience our thinking and sometimes wish to see how this could benefit their organisation

case studies

as a business consultancy with a commercial or performance enhancing objective our work is only as good as the results we show

we are extremely proud of the work we have done for some of the most powerful brands in the world. choose from the below client case studies for an overview of our achievements

creating a senior leadership development programme for DDB Group

what DDB was looking to do

DDB was looking for an educational programme to expand senior managers minds, increase their level of understanding of the modern business and marketing world, in addition to shaping an environment where senior managers can act on the acquired knowledge

what we did

- this fluid world collaborated with DDB to create a leadership development programme (LDP) where 50 senior managers from five continents where brought together for three days to better understand the macro trends faced by businesses, the fundamental shifts in the marketing environment affecting brands, ways to manage an organisation to ensure relevance, agility, and innovation

- this was in addition to understanding how to create effective business and marketing strategies in the 21st century

- the programme ended with powerful ideation sessions where game changing and revenue generating business initiatives were identified for immediate implementation

what happened

since the delivery of the programme the participants are working on the chosen business initiatives and are supported by this fluid world to ensure success

is it working?

this is what some participants say:

“Inspiring me and my team to find new ways to increase our profit margins by new ways of working and providing new services” Rodrigo Leoni, CFO, DDB Brazil

“The unique combination of being inspirational, intellectual and actionable” Stacey Grier, Chief Strategic Officer, DDB San Francisco

future proofing the global marketing division of a major drinks brand

what our client was looking to do

our client was looking to create a marketing academy unlike any other corporate education programme, one that feeds inspiration, creativity and real-world problem solving, rather than simply educating marketers about digital platforms and methodologies

what we did

our client chose this fluid world to create and deliver the marketing academy to its 500 marketers around the world. the academy is being developed through the following process:

- stakeholder education of the changing business and marketing environment to ensure the task force assigned to the project operate from the same level of understanding while developing the marketing academy

- creation of a vision, through scenario planning, of the future marketing landscape in the context of our client’s business

- identification of knowledge, behaviour, and skills required to be a world-class marketer moving forward

- gap analysis to identify the gap between present understanding, skills and behaviour, and the ones identified as necessary for success

- creation of a powerful format and relevant content to address the identified knowledge, skills, and capability gaps

- roll-out of the marketing academy to 500 marketers in 10 countries

what happened

at the time of writing significant progress has been achieved by the project team made up of key client stakeholders and this fluid world. a powerful vision of the future of marketing has been developed, and the process of identifying knowledge, skills, and capability gaps, is underway

innovation strategy for Unilever

what Unilever was looking to do

Unilever was looking to explore ways in which technology and modern world consumption could innovativley be brought into their brand’s vision

what we did

- working with Ogilvy Labs, this fluid world facilitated a strategic workshop for Unilever to explore opportunities in this area

- an interactive presentation and discussion was held to identify how future competition, emerging technologies, changing social behaviours and purchase habits could effect Unilever brand’s vision

- a group session was facilitated where a clear vision for future purchase behaviour, and usage of products, was created, taking the new learnings from the first phase into consideration

- a number of scenarios were developed to define retail and purchase habits of the future

- the ultimate scenario was selected to be fed into Unilever’s vision development

what happened

Unliver’s vision around technology, and modern world consumption, was subsequently developed upon to incorporate the findings from the workshop

Asad ur Rehman, Global Communication Planning Director says “Jonathan, from this fluid world, is an energetic and brilliant facilitator. We will gladly continue to use him for innovation strategy!”

maximising customer loyalty for Heineken

what Heineken was looking to do

establish greater loyalty amongst retail customers, trade customers and consumers

what we did

- Heineken commissioned this fluid world’s ideation services to run an ideation session for senior Heineken personnel, including representatives from sales, marketing, commercial development and CRM. the focus of the session was to

- challenge conventional ways of looking at loyalty by imagining what the future of loyalty could look like, and what behaviours would impact decisions relating to a brand

- create scenarios around the future of loyalty in the context of customer and consumer types, while acknowledging how decisions on what to buy or sell are made

- bring scenarios to life by identifying, and sketching out, specific and detailed ideas

the ideas perceived to have the greatest impact on loyalty were taken into a brainstorm with Heineken’s creative agency

what happened

the chosen approach has gone into execution. Bruce Reinders, UK Brands Director says “What’s great about Jonathan from this fluid world is that although he knows strategy and has loads of experience with regards to digital applications, his real talent lies in fundamentally getting to the nub of the problem, and then extracting the most effective creative solution. This approach moved us away from developing just a digital strategy for Heineken, and helped us shape the way we plan to build the premium credentials of the brand going forward”

defining a mobile advertising proposition for Alcatel Lucent

what Alcatel was looking to do

Alcatel was looking to develop a unique, and relevant, mobile advertising proposition that would stand out in an over-saturated market

what we did

Alcatel commissioned this fluid world’s consulting services due to our vast experience in mobile, media and advertising, and our success in developing go to market strategies

the project included two main phases:

1) an extensive analysis of competitive activities and offerings, present innovations and market needs, in addition to an Alcatel capability audit around technology, people, resources and commercial relationships

2) close collaboration with senior management at Alcatel to define an offering that would capitalise on Alcatel’s strengths, appeal to phone operators through a new revenue stream, advertisers and brands through enhanced relationships, and most importantly to the end user by offering them a service based on value

what happened

together with our client we created a unique permission based mobile marketing platform called Optism, an offer that has launched successfully and has lead Thomas Labarthe, VP Mobile Advertising Solutions, Alcatel-Lucent to say that working with us was “The best consulting money ever spent”. the venture continues to get extensive press

developing a commercial digital strategy for a major healthcare organisation

what the client was looking to do

our client was looking to future proof their organisation and grow revenue through a commercial digital strategy. they had already commissioned a world renowned consulting firm to create the strategy but questioned the advice given. on personal recommendation, this fluid world was asked to develop a commercially viable digital strategy based on our view of the future of the modern business and marketing landscape

what we did

this fluid world conducted an analysis of key trends, competitive environment, and potential for digital revenue streams in the identified space. a strategic recommendation was made based on the analysis and due to our expertise and experience in the digital space. the deliverables where:

- an overview of what a relevant digital offer would look like in this space
- potential revenue streams backed with justification
- direct costs associated with the development of a relevant offer and the generation of revenue

what happened

the success of the analysis and recommendation lead to our client commissioning this fluid world to carry out a deeper investigation into one of the commercial models proposed. the deliverables of this phase were:

- elaboration of the opportunities identified initially in terms of merit and commercial viability
- a potential client list for each opportunity based on an assessment of the marketplace
- development of the revenue model in terms of context, monetization, and timeframes outcome

the strategy was accepted by our client and was put forward to the board for implementation

optimising a business plan for Ogilvy Amsterdam

what Ogilvy was looking to do

having been proactive and brave in incubating a small start-up the management team at Ogilvy was looking to road test the new business concept, and collaboratively develop a commercially viable proposition in advance of going to market

what we did

Ogilvy Netherlands commissioned this fluid world’s strategic consulting services to ensure the proposition was in-tune with the modern business world, and commercially viable. success was ensured through the following stages:

- the business plan, and marketing material, was analysed to assess the viability, strengths and weaknesses of the proposition. changes and opportunities needing to be explored further were also identified
- the findings from the analysis were brought into a strategic workshop attended by senior management at Ogilvy, and the incubated company. during the facilitated session, the main components of the proposition were re-built, ensuring optimum market and commercial viability

what happened

following the collaboration between this fluid world, Ogilvy and the start-up, the proposition has become a substantial business case and is now seeking funding

Peter Paul Blommers, CEO of Ogilvy Group Netherlands said: “We hired this fluid world to make an incredible fluid business idea as concrete as possible, and they succeeded in doing that”

Hans Veldhorst, Digital & Marketing Director, Ogilvy said: “I would definitely recommend this fluid world if you need to turn an idea into a solid business model. It’s consultancy at its best”

identifying new revenue streams for Posterscope

what Posterscope was looking to do

Posterscope was looking to explore ways in which the organisation could add value, or exploit new revenue opportunities, in the retail space

what we did

- Posterscope commissioned this fluid world’s consulting services to explore this further due to our background, and experience, in retail and digital. during the project we worked closely with the MD of Posterscope, and senior management, to ensure ultimate advice, and strategic fit with the organisation

- early investigation showed that looking at retail from a broader perspective would allow Posterscope to benefit from new revenue opportunities

- we conducted a full market analysis and combined the findings with our extensive expertise and Posterscope’s strong capabilities. from this analysis we identified five realistic opportunities for Posterscope, each opening up new revenue opportunities

what happened

Posterscope is actively looking for partnerships which will allow them to execute on the ideas. James Davies, Director, Posterscope & CSO Posterscope USA says, “The concepts that we have ended up building on have been particularly innovative, highly based around digital, and really very much geared to the future of the communications landscape.”

Glen Wilson, MD, Posterscope says, “this fluid world were good fun to work with, delivered genuinely actionable outputs, and took us to a different place, in addition to making us think differently about a problem, which is exactly what you want from a consultant.”

marketing a product through social media for Nokia Siemens Networks

what NSN was looking to do

NSN wanted to apply social media to market a new product in a cost efficient and relevant way

what we did

NSN commissioned this fluid world’s consulting services to create a social communications strategy for its product launch due to our deep understanding of a socially interactive world. we worked closely with senior management to ensure success through the following stages:

- a three phase introduction to social marketing covering; what social media is, how it works, best practice, opportunities and risks involved, role of social media throughout the marketing mix, social crisis management, and ways of monetising in a socially interactive world

- working closely with the Global marketing team we created a social communications strategy by applying a bespoked strategic framework created by this fluid world. the process ensured NSN’s social communications strategy took into consideration; the internal objectives, available skills and resources, strength of technology, in addition to external customer needs and behaviour, ensuring ultimate outcome

what happened

the strategy produced significant global press leading to an engaged market place in which the NSN sales team can relevantly sell in the solution. Luc Devisscher, European Head of PR & Marketing Communications says, “We contracted this fluid world to create a social communications strategy for the launch of one of our new technological solutions. They showed a deep level of understanding of the social media landscape and their strategic guidance was outstanding. This resulted in a robust and effective communications initiative that we have incorporated globally with great success”

defining a purpose for Clintons

what Clinton Cards was looking to do

although market leader since 1968, the organisation recognised the untapped potential in harnessing current, and future, marketing trends

what we did

Clinton Cards commissioned this fluid world’s consulting services to assist them in exploiting new opportunities. our objective was to work closely with the Board to open new avenues for the organisation. we achieved this through the following process:

- we started by expanding Senior Management’s understanding of what is possible with today’s marketing, communications and technology tools through learning sessions

- through a series of strategic work sessions we defined a proposition that would achieve growth, as well as sustainability. the proposition was subsequently road tested with the target market

- in collaboration with specialists in new media, communications and technology; creative, innovative, and tangible, suggestions were generated for Clinton Cards

what happened

Paul Salador, Group Finance Director Clinton Cards Plc says, “We were constantly challenged to turn our traditional views up-side down, while giving us tools to facilitate the necessary change. The sessions were brilliantly facilitated; we were pushed to look at our business, business in general and the world from a different perspective. They were successful in getting 8 different personalities to agree on a vision, which we felt excited about, and one that is also true to the organisation. Much of the thinking that came out of the work we did together will form part of a new marketing campaign”

sense checking a business idea for the airline industry

what our client was looking to do

our client, a global advertising agency, was looking to assess and sense check a business idea they had developed within the loyalty space prior to proposing it to one of their major clients

what we did

- this fluid world assessed the business idea against assumptions made, the loyalty market in the future, perceived value by target group, major commercial, sociological, and technological marketplace trends, in addition to the validity of the idea in context of modern day best practice

- the output of this validation was a number of recommendations that challenged the existing idea, in addition to areas of unidentified opportunity that could enhance the idea moving forward

what happened

this fluid world brought in a different range of knowledge, experience, and a different perspective and understanding of the world, in addition to the exposure to, and experience of, many companies facing similar business opportunities and/or problems. this external perspective was combined with numerous ideas and cutting-edge insight into the existing idea which was significantly enhanced through the process

the idea was presented to the client who was eager to move forward with it into development

ensuring understanding of modern marketing for Ogilvy Chicago

what Ogilvy was looking to do

Ogilvy wanted to give employees, across all levels and disciplines, the necessary knowledge of a changing marketing and communications world in order to have an informed point of view, and the ability to leverage it into new revenue streams for the agency

what we did

- this fluid world recommended a tailored marketing 4 growth (m4g) programme aimed at increasing understanding of modern world marketing and communications, and creating actionable solutions that achieve real change, and revenue

- we started by putting 100 people, from different levels and disciplines, through a series of interactive knowledge sharing sessions, ensuring a solid level of understanding of marketing and communications in a changing world

- we subsequently facilitated creative workshops where, based on our expertise and participants’ newly acquired knowledge, innovative ideas, and new possible offerings were generated

- the best ideas were scoped out in separate sessions, and formed into powerful client propositions

what happened

Angela Johnson, WW MD Director for Motorola at Ogilvy says, “We chose the programme to exploit changes we are facing in the modern world, and due to it being aimed at driving enterprise. The programme has helped us drive revenue opportunities, and has provided the ability to strengthen client relationships. The ideas that came out of the programme fuelled a company-wide initiative for growth”

ensuring understanding of business for MediaCom

what MediaCom was looking to do

MediaCom believed their planners would benefit from an increased understanding of business. the end goal for the agency was the ability to enter into broader, up stream, and potentially revenue generating conversations with clients

what we did

- this fluid world recommended our business 4 growth (b4b) programme designed to assist organisations in gaining, and retaining business, by increasing a company’s understanding of business, and its ability to affect clients’, or customers’ broader objectives

- based on the principles of b4b we tailored an in-house mini masters in business called mib for MediaCom. mib delivered its learning in well-rounded, highly concentrated capsules built on business theory, real life examples, and case studies

what happened

since its inception the programme has been extended to all planning personnel. to date 80 employees have been put through 12 hours of business training to ‘graduate’ from mib

Sean Healy, Managing Partner Strategic Solutions says, “Liri has been spreading enlightenment throughout MediaCom by running her mib programme. She has worked tirelessly to put together a series of training sessions designed to help our people understand the impact of 99% of what business think about. MediaCommers have left Liri’s sessions inspired and brimming with new ideas ”

is it working?

this is what a participant says, “The conversations I have with my clients post mib go beyond just media planning, they are about their business and how we can affect it positively”


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